Winner heat pump giveaway 2015

The winner heat pump giveaway 2015 by Leinbach Services, Inc. was announced on November 23 on Good Day Tri-Cities on WPKT-TV. Jeff and Tiffany Arroyo of Kingsport, TN received a call the night before the giveaway letting them know they’re one of the finalists to receive the new pump. They entered to win after watching an airing on the daytime show.


Winners heat pump giveaway 2015

The Arroyo’s heat pump broke, so the family of six was using space heaters to keep their four children warm in their home. Tiffany was watching the local daytime show one morning and decided to enter to win. Jeff was home when the Leinbach Services truck and the TV station car pulled up, and he described feeling thankful and relieved when he realized they had won the heat pump. “This makes quite a bit of difference for my family,” Jeff said. “This will make our electricity bill cheaper since we’re not using area heaters anymore. It’ll put off good heat.”


Good Day Tri-Cities hosts, Morgan King and Whitney Allen Carr, aired the giveaway on live TV at the location of Arroyo’s home.

The giveaway celebrates the anniversary of the business opening 22 years ago, and according to company president Jim Leinbach, is a way to show the community how appreciative he is of their continued support of the local business.

Meet the winners of the 2018 heat pump giveaway

Read their stories and share in their joy of winning a brand new heat pump from Leinbach Services. 

The Liang Family of Kingsport are the winners of our 5th annual heat pump giveaway in November 2018.

Richard and Charmaine Liang bought a house and quickly realized they needed a new heat pump. They suffered an entire winter last year with insufficient heat.

“Our home is not warm enough,” Charmaine said. “Sometimes it heats, but sometimes it doesn’t. We just bought the house last year, so we cannot afford a new heat pump.” Richard agreed.

Charmaine also said that even though their house was cold, their winter electrical bills were still expensive. “We would save a lot of money with a new heat pump.”

The fact that their unit was 15 years old has a lot to do with the reason why they were spending so much on electricity yet receiving such little heat in return.

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