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Do you have water pressure issues in your home?

Water pressure is the amount of force water pushes through pipes. High pressure damages both pipes and appliances. Low pressure results in pitiful shower streams. Find out if you need to hire a plumber to repair your water lines.

When assessing the status of your water pressure, you’ll need to know how strong the water volume is at various areas throughout the house.

Low and high water pressure are different problems with various root causes. For instance, if the water pressure is weak at your kitchen sink but quickly fills your bathtub, you probably have high water pressure problems with blockage in the aerator in the kitchen sink.

How to avoid damage from high water pressure

If you’ve noticed irregular water pressure or the pressure seems very strong at all times, it may mean that the water pressure coming into your house is too high. While it might feel great in your shower, it isn’t great for your water bills. What’s more, high water pressure stresses out your pipes and water heater, which can lead to leaks and premature replacement. Fortunately, you can regulate your water pressure yourself with a pressure reducing valve. Your plumber will insist you also install an expansion tank to compensate for thermal expansion during water heating.


To find out if your water pressure is too high, screw a pressure gauge onto outlet hose outlet or faucet near your water meter. Most home plumbing systems are not equipped to handle pressure above 80 psi, so if yours exceeds the limit you should hire a plumber to bring your water pressure back to a safe and manageable level.

Reasons you could be experiencing low water pressure

No worries. Most of these reasons are temporary. Especially if you’ve had construction nearby.

Reasons your water pressure is low:

  1. Broken main water line
  2. Clogged inline water filter
  3. Indoor horizontal pipes is clogged
  4. Closed main shut off valve at the street
  5. Faulty or clogged water pressure relief valve.
  6. If you are seeing low pressure only on a single faucet, the entire water line may be clogged. Or, you might need to repair or replace the faucet or aerator.
  7. If the pressure is just your hot water side, look to your water heater
  8. Worst case scenario, it’s a broken pipe. Turn off your water and repair the leak.

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