Evolution® Heat Pump with Basepan Heater Model 38MPRA

If maximum performance and efficiency are key, look no further than our Evolution® System heat pump. This ENERGY STAR® qualified ductless system comes with a 42 SEER rating when paired with the 619PHA High Wall – there’s nothing more efficient1! Even when temps drop to as low as -22° F outside, your interior environment stays cozy (when properly sized and matched with specific indoor units). Powerful yet quiet, our best ductless outdoor solution delivers results.
1 According to system ratings maintained by AHRI as of January 22, 2018, in accordance with the AHRI Unitary Small Equipment Operations Manual. The 9,000 Btu/h single zone ductless has a 42 SEER Rating.
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Our full line of Bryant® Ductless Systems is ideal for a variety of installation scenarios and the perfect solution to many customers’ comfort needs. Suddenly, it’s easy to control hard-to-heat or hard-to-cool areas, limited space isn’t so limiting and solving comfort issues becomes easy, cost-effective and energy efficient.

With Bryant Ductless, address hot and cold spots in your home, get more use out of your all-seasons room or make working in the basement, garage or attic more comfortable with a ductless system.

No ducts? With Bryant Ductless, it’s no problem




Rooms that are seasonal or that aren’t used very often such as sun rooms or unoccupied bedrooms. Spaces that are difficult to heat and cool, or where installing additional ductwork is impractical, like garages or basements. Areas that simply can’t be tied into your central HVAC system such as detached buildings. Rooms like nurseries where temperature control is paramount. Or light commercial spaces. Make them all more comfortable with Bryant® Ductless.



Single-Zone Operation

If you need to bring individualized control to a particular area, we offer a variety of Bryant single-zone ductless systems. Each system comes with a remote control and provides either standard or optional Wi-Fi® access, using the available smart phone app.


Multi Zone Operation

For controlling multiple areas or whole homes, we also offer a wide selection of Bryant multi-zone ductless systems. Our multi-zone systems allow you to connect up to five different indoor units with a single outdoor unit.

Ductless Multi Zone

Energy Efficient

Bryant Ductless Systems can achieve up to a 42 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), a 15 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and a 15 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Most Bryant Ductless Systems are ENERGY STAR® certified and may qualify for federal and state rebates where available.


Ductless Energy Star

Year-Round Comfort

A combined Bryant Ductless System provides year-round comfort to residents in practically any region. It will continue to cool even if outdoor temperatures rise to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and will continue to heat if outdoor temperatures drop to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. A Bryant Ductless System can also improve indoor air quality since air in each room is not circulated throughout the entire structure.

Ductless Year-Round Comfort

Bryant® Inverter Technology

Bryant Ductless Systems use inverter technology, making them more energy efficient, quieter and able to provide more constant and comfortable temperatures and humidity. This technology enables the compressor to adjust its speed to heating or cooling needs. With a noise rating as low as 26dB(A), the outdoor sound of a Bryant Ductless System can be equal to normal speech or a dishwasher.

Inverter Technology

Outstanding 10-Year Warranties

Each Bryant Ductless System comes with a 10-year limited warranty and 10-year compressor limited warranty. The warranties are for original purchasing owners who submit their registrations within the required 90-day period.†

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100% Heating Capacity at 0° F (-17° C)
100% Cooling capacity at -22° F (-30° C) without additional kit
Up to 75% of Heating Capacity at -22° F (-30° C)
Inverter Compressor
Up to 42.0 SEER cooling efficiency
Up to 15.0 EER heating efficiency
Available in 208/230V
Sizes: 09 / 12 / 18 / 24
Built-in basepan heater
Auto-restart function
Refrigerant leakage detection
Quiet outdoor operation, as low as 55 dB(A)1
Aluminum Golden Hydrophilic pre-coated fins
10-year parts limited and 10-year compressor limited warranties to the original purchasing owner upon timely registration2

1 Quietest size within each model group during most common cooling operating condition.
2 If properly registered within ninety (90) days after original installation, parts are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of 10 years. Otherwise, parts warranty is 5 years. For other applications a 7-year parts and 7-year compressor limited warranties apply. See warranty certificate for details.



Up to 42.0 SEER
Up to 15.0 EER
Up to 15.0 HSPF


Outdoor sound: as low as 55.5 decibels1


Cooling operating range -22° ~ 122° F (-30° ~ 50° C)
Heating operating range -22° ~ 86° F (-25° ~ 30° C)


Piping length 98 ft (30m)


Inverter Compressor


0.75 – 1.0 Ton




Heavy-gauge, galvanized steel construction
Primed and coated with a 100% coverage, baked-enamel finish in white

1 Quietest size within each model group during most common cooling operating condition

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