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Surge-Protection Electrical Johnson City TN

Call Today 423.282.4983 Surge-Protection Electrical Johnson City TN

Surge-Protection Electrical Johnson City TN

Almost every electronic device in your home has a microprocessor, from your microwave to your refrigerator to your heat pump. Without protection from power surges, your electronic devices can be destroyed. Power surges occur when the flow of electricity is interrupted, then started again, or when something sends electricity flowing back into the system. Surge-Protection Electrical Johnson City TN



 Surge-Protection Electrical Johnson City TN

Typically, power strips are cheap, multi-outlet bar that are merely an expansion of a wall outlet. These usually have a circuit breaker of some sort, but most don’t offer any real “protection” from electrical issues.

You have paid a lot of money to buy the appliances that are in your home. Protect  your investments by having a whole house surge protector installed today.

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