Gas Pipe Repair Install Natural Propane

Gas Pipe Repair Install Natural Propane

Working on a gas line can be very dangerous for those who lack the proper tools, training, and resources needed to perform the work safely. For 24 years, Leinbach Services, Inc. continues to provide Johnson City with the safest gas pipe repairs and installation for both natural and propane. We’re the best local HVAC technicians specializing in gas work and we’re available. We have experience correctly installing, maintaining, replacing, and repairing different types of gas pipes. Take your time looking around our website, and you’ll see why we’re the best local gas fireplace service providers. We offer solutions to your home’s unique problems in order to keep your home in it’s perfect, desirable condition.


Leaks from gas pipes

Gas leaks from your home gas lines can become a very serious issue. As a homeowner, focus on your gas line and equipment repair in Johnson City TN. While small leaks may do little more than impair the effectiveness of your appliances, or result in a higher monthly bill, larger issues can result in dangerous or even life-threatening situations.


Gas fueled appliances and equipment, such as furnaces and fireplaces, can cause carbon monoxide to fill your home without you knowing.

Most people contribute carbon monoxide poisoning to automobiles left running in a non-vented garage. But on average 170 people die from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from non-automobile appliances a year. The Center for Disease Control estimate that thousands of people are treated in emergency rooms from CO poisoning each year. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, take prompt action. Ignoring a gas leak or failing to take action puts your family and home at great risk.

In conclusion, Leinbach Services, Inc. is highly qualified to safely handle your gas line repairs and installation. Our trained and certified plumbers work with both natural gas and propane gas to keep your family comfortable with your gas furnace, gas fireplace, gas oven, gas water heater, and gas fire pit. We’ll even teach you how to ignite your gas appliances. Call Leinbach Services for gas line repair and installation technician near you in Kingsport, TN. Check out our preventative maintenance program, called Comfort Club, and how you can make cash through our customer rewards program, called Referral Club.

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