Ductless Mini Split Repair Install Johnson City TN

You’ve just added an addition to your home or you have converted your attic or basement into living space. You need to heat and cool it. Or you have a room that is a little too cool or too hot and there is no duct work in the room. If your room has a ceiling or a wall, why not install a ductless mini split unit?!

Instead of  losing a window and a view to a bulky window air conditioner, a ductless system is installed high on a wall or even in the ceiling where it is less noticeable.


The ductless system consists of a compact indoor wall unit, tubing, and wiring connections that goes through a small hole in the wall  to a small outdoor unit, and is very energy-efficient. Some units even get up to 23 SEER and 10 HSPF! 

U.S. Department of Energy

According to a March 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Study, ductless mini-split heat pumps offer several advantages over conventional ducted heating and cooling systems. They may save energy, eliminate the potential for in-duct mold growth, eliminate the space consumed for duct runs, and are easy to install in retrofits, as they do not need ducts.

A ductless system can save you

energy because with an average

HVAC system, you loose up to 30%

energy leakage in the ductwork. It’s

also zonal which means, you are heating

or cooling only areas where you need it.

What if I already have ductwork in the room?

If you already have ductwork in the room you’re considering installing a ductless split system, you’ll first want to consider having your ductwork looked at. Why add on the cost of more equipment if all that really needs to happen is for your ductwork to have some repairs. It’s actually not a complicated process to have your ductwork cleaned and repaired. Call a Leinbach Services technician to come take a look at your ductwork first, then we can talk about the benefits of installing a mini-split system, if it’s in your home’s best interest.

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