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Commercial Doors


Leinbach Services, Inc. provides commercial door repair replacement. As a contractor for building services, we assist local property managers securely maintain doors. Every commercial door is equipped with particular hardware and requires an experienced technicians to repair and replace doors to businesses. No matter what the type may be: sliding, pulley, swinging, overhead or revolving, it’s our commitment to fix your door problem.


Reinforce doors with welded and knock-down drywall frames. Let us take part in providing you with the services you need for each of your commercial doors.


Commercial door closers

Believe it or not, there’s an art form to crafting the perfect tension in a commercial door closer. A properly functioning door closer is a mechanical device that will slowly close and latch the door. Sometimes the door closer needs adjustments and repairs when the spring tensions or the hydraulic fluid cause problems.

Symptoms of needing adjustments made on the commercial door closer:

  • you notice parts coming apart
  • there’s a spot of oil on the ground at the threshold of the door
  • the door swing speed is too fast or too slow
  • the door is hard to lock.

Depending on the type of closer, there are different adjustments that can be made to fix your problem. Some closers feature back check adjustment controls, latching speed controls, and delay action controls.

Whether your commercial door is glass, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, or steel, door closers are specific to each type. Most of all, the size, weight, and type of door will determine what type of door closer you need and where it needs to placed. In order for your commercial door to work properly, the door closer must be in good working condition and the right one for the job of operation.


Diagnose the problem of your commercial door closer:

  • Does the door easily fling wide open? Prevent this by fixing the back check adjustment controls.
  • Is the door not latching securely? The latching speed controls feature fully shuts the door for you.
  • Need to allow more time to walk through the door? The delay action feature allows the door to close steadily to allow time to enter and eliminates the need to pull the door shut after closing.

You should have a professional adjust your door closer to allow the perfect door opening and closings.

Types of door closers:

  • pneumatic commercial hydraulic
  • global
  • hinge pin

Signs a door closer needs replacement:

  • oil leaking from the closer
  • closer slams the door and cannot be adjusted
  • stopping before completing door closure, noises or bouncing when in motion of the door arm
  • the closer has no spring tension



Often overlooked, weather-stripping is an important part to any commercial door. You’ll know when your  needs replaced when it is bent, missing or you can feel the transfer of hot or cold air from the opposite side. Why not save money on your heating and air bill with something as simple as replacing or adding weather-stripping to your door.


Panic bars commercial door hardware

Panic bars are installed on commercial door hardware. It’s a spring-loaded metal bar that unlatches a door when pushed from the inside leading to the outside. They can be locked so that people can exit freely and locks behind them


Having properly working panic bars provides vital safety of everyone who’s within the building. There are actually laws in place to ensure people can safely and immediately leave your establishment in the event of an emergency. OSHA requires a continuous and unobstructed path of exit to a place of safety in all commercial buildings. Panic bars provide safety to people inside the building in the case of needing an immediate evacuation.

In closing, Leinbach Services, Inc. offers contractor commercial building services. Let our reliable and trained technicians take care of your building so you can get back to taking care of your customers. We offer commercial door hardware repair and install services for exterior and interior doors. We also service interior and exterior lights.  For commercial electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and gas work, call our office today. Ask your plumber about our preventative maintenance program Comfort Club Membership for your peace of mind. Then, find out how you can make cash through our customer rewards program called Referral Club.

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