Carbon Monoxide Gas Work


Install a device to warn you of an invisible and silent killer.

You’re at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning!

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas, which at high levels causes sudden illness and death. CO is released into the air when anything is burning, whether it’s an engine, stove, furnace, fireplace, or any other kind of heater using gasoline, natural gas, wood, oil, propane, or charcoal. Exposure to CO is extremely dangerous to the people and animals occupying in or near the space, especially due to the fact that it’s undetectable by taste, smell, or sight. You won’t even know it’s poisoning you until it’s potentially too late to save yourself or others in the home.


How we can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

  1. Maintain your heating system every year by a Leinbach Services technician.
  2. Install CO detectors within 10 feet of sleeping spaces on every floor.

A carbon monoxide detector sensors high levels of CO building up to dangerous levels to signal to household members to evacuate the home immediately. Once outside the home, call 911 and wait outside until cleared by emergency personnel.


You need a carbon monoxide detector today!


If you have a gas fireplace, then your home needs of a CO detector due to a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. We recommend installing one today. There are several types of carbon monoxide detectors to choose from to fix the specific needs of your home. Call our technicians to go over your options today.

Gas log soot

If you see soot accumulating on your logs, then carbon monoxide is also being produced. Turn off the fireplace and call us to repair your gas fireplace logs. Call 911 if you’re feeling sick as this is a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning. A quality professional needs to install, repair, and tune-up all gas fireplaces.

Carbon Monoxide Gas Work

Serious Side Effects of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide Gas Work. A mild case of poisoning can be mistaken for the flu. The symptoms are headache, dizziness, short of breath, nausea, and fatigue. The longer you’ve been exposed, the more serious the side effects, such as:

  • Mental confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of muscular coordination
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Ultimately death
  • Carbon Monoxide Gas Work

Carbon Monoxide Gas Work

Keep Your Family Safe From Carbon Monoxide By:

  1. Installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home
  2. Have your fuel burning appliances checked by professional technicians
  3. Make sure that the area you use a fuel burning appliance in is well ventilated
  4. Use an ventilated fuel burning appliance in a different room than where people sleep
  5. Never leave your car running in your garage, even if the garage door is open
  6. Leave the charcoal outside. You can’t burn charcoal inside your house, garage, or any other enclosed area
  7. Don’t operate a generator inside your house or any other enclosed area
  8. Carbon Monoxide Gas Work

Carbon Monoxide Gas Work Furnace fireplace

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If your carbon monoxide detector does go off, leave your home immediately and then call 911. Do not go back into the house until emergency personnel tells you it is safe[


In conclusion, Leinbach Services, Inc. is highly qualified to safely handle your gas line repairs and installation. Our trained and certified plumbers work with both natural gas and propane gas to keep your family comfortable with your gas furnace, gas fireplace, gas oven, gas water heater, and gas fire pit. We’ll even teach you how to ignite your gas appliances. Call Leinbach Services for gas line repair and installation technician near you in Kingsport, TN. Check out our preventative maintenance program, called Comfort Club, and how you can make cash through our customer rewards program, called Referral Club.

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