Easy fix for leaking pipes

Leaking pipes in a home is a potential disaster for homeowners for the amount of damage the water or sewer line is spewing. Is there such a thing as an easy fix for leaking pipes? Life doesn’t stop just because you have water coming from above, below, behind, or between places in your home. Sometimes homeowner problems like this pop-up when we’re least prepared for them. If you can see water pooling where it shouldn’t be, then there’s no question about the leaking pipe. You need a plumber to fix the pipeline. However, what if you just suspect there’s a leak? You’ll need to do some investigating to see where the leaking pipeline is located.

How to find a leaking pipe

Tracking how much water your family uses can be simply done by watching your water bill. This can help you detect if you have a water leak. If your bill is higher than usual and you haven’t used extra water to wash your car or fill a pool, then you might have a leak.

Warning signs of a leaking pipe

  1. Watch for dripping water from leaking pipes under bathroom sink and leaking pipes in the basement.  Sometimes it’s just condensation, but it’s a problem if it becomes more than a few drops per hour.
  2. A sputtering faucet means you have a crack or break in main water line. Call your water department to check your meter and the line for a leak.  In case they don’t find anything, call us to locate the leak before it becomes a broken pipe.
  3. Slowly draining dishwasher, toilet, or any other type of drain means you probably have something obstructing the pipe. Your pipes need to be investigated.
  4. Listen for water sounds.  This maybe hard sometimes with a family in the house but once the children are in bed, walk around your house and listen for water noises.
  5. Find leaks behind walls by looking around your baseboards and walls. If you have pipes in your walls, sometimes they can become corroded or cracked.  Water that is standing causes mold, which is a health risk for those living in the home.
  6. Look for water on the floor in front of your sink or if your floor is soft. Water might be leaking under your bathroom sink or your kitchen sink onto your floors.
  7. Look for water around your water heater.  Your water heater could have rusted out and leaking water. Or your pipes to the water heater might be leaking.

Pipe leak detection

  1. Shut off all water-connected appliances. This includes any sprinkler systems outside, washing machines, ice makers, etc.
  2. Go to your outside meter and lift the protective lid. Watch the meter and see if it is moving.  If you are sure the water is turned off, and the meter is turning, you have a leak.  If it is not moving, look at where your arrow is on the meter.  Check back in 10 minutes to see if it has moved, you might have a slow leak.
  3. If you do have a leak, you will need to turn off the main shut-off valve.  This is usually located near the meter. Check to make sure the shut-off valve is completely stopped by turning on a faucet to see if water comes out. Move on to the next step once the shut-off valve is complete.
  4.  Go back to your meter and see if the arrow is still moving. If the arrow is still moving, there is water running between the meter and the customer-side shut-off valve.  However, if it’s not moving, then you have a leak between the customer-side valve and your house, possibly in your house.
  5. Turn off all appliances and get your home as quiet as possible. You may be able to hear the water running.  Check faucets, toilets, washing machines, ice makers, and your sprinkler system if you have one.

Call a plumber technician to fix leaking pipes. The longer you wait, the more safe and clean water you’re wasting AND the more money you’re paying to the water department. Every drop counts!

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