When we were kids, we were taught at an early age to share. Opening a home to the public is the purest type of sharing out there. There’s a wonderful way to involve yourself in the home-sharing economy, such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Kid and Coe, and Flipkey. You can easily list your entire home or just a room to travellers looking for an alternative to impersonal and basic hotels. You don’t have to break the bank to make bank home-sharing. 

Learn more about home-sharing energy efficiency and tips to being a great host.

First, you’ll need to know what renters are looking for. Opening your home up to strangers provides a unique experience to live like a local. It’s also one of the most sustainable ways to travel. Staying in a home or room that would otherwise be empty, you’re joining a community where conserving, protecting and enjoying the environment all come as standard.

Create a happy and sustainable experience for your home-sharing guests.

Monitor energy usage

Ask your guests to help save energy by switching off lights when they’re not needed, closing windows when the air conditioning is on, filling the coffee pot only as far as needed, and only switching on the dishwasher when it’s full. You can achieve this by leaving small explaining notes around the house. This way, guests know exactly what they need to do.

Easy and secure access with home automation

Highest priority for guests, regardless of what type of home you’re renting out and where you live, is how safe they feel. Home automation gives homeowners the ability to control how the house functions for guests, such as household items ranging from safety to convenience. All from your smart device. Both new homes and existing homes can benefit from this modern technology. You’ll be able to manage energy usage and picking convenience features.

  • First, consider lights, heating and cooling system, and door locks.
  • Then, think about home appliances, such as washer/dryers, ovens, and refrigerators/freezers.
  • Finally, control your TVs, gaming devices, and security systems.

Best part? You don’t have to be home to control all of these things. Your guests can ask for your help when they need it, and you’ll be able to promptly reply that will leave guests in awe and grateful.


Leinbach Services offers home automation services. Call our office for an in-home demonstration of how it can work for your home sharing guests. 423.282.4983

Outdoor space

Create a chill vibe with outdoor living spaces to your guests experience in your home-share listing. Think about your landscaping, pools, seating area, outdoor fire pit, gas grille. Add pergolas for shade. If your home offers comfortable outdoor seating with a gas fireplace, and beautiful views, you will have guests raving of your hospitality. Offer a sense of privacy with a fence around your property, if appropriate for your location.  

Specify your pet and child policy

Families enjoy staying in people’s homes because of the kitchen access. It’s much more accomodating for families traveling with kids and/or pets. Your home is a reflection of your attitude toward these types of guests. For example, consider having a spot for dogs to lay and children to play without fear of breakables or steps. Non-breakable dishes will make parents rejoice. These are great perks to add to your listing and the pictures you post. Sure there will be some guests with extreme allergies who will pass on your listing, but family accommodations are in high demand.

Spotless home

Clean your home as though your mother-in-law is coming over. Believe that your guests will in fact notice if you haven’t dusted, swept, and washed laundry. Focus on the kitchen, bathroom, and beds. This is the most tedious of all tasks when it comes to house sharing. In fact, many hosts hire a cleaning service. The photos of your home should be absolutely spotless and clutter-free. Add unique and homey touches to your decorations, such as art, pillows and throws, fire going in the fireplace, magazines within reach, and fresh flowers in commons area. Your home should feel welcoming and well-thought out. We offer renovation services, if there’s a project you need finishing in or around your home. 

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