Home Automation Made Simple

Introducing, home automation in Johnson City TN that gives homeowners the ability to control items around the house. Household items ranging from safety to convenience. All from your smart device. Solve your problems, regardless of your income and lifestyle, with a simple push of a button. Sounds like futuristic fantasy? It’s not. Keep reading to learn more!

First, automate your home

Both new homes and existing homes can benefit from modern technology. Including, managing energy usage and picking convenience features. First, consider lights, heating and cooling system, and door locks. Then, think about home appliances, such as washer/dryers, ovens, and refrigerators/freezers. Finally, control your TVs, gaming devices, and security systems.

Then, monitor it from any smart device

Home Automation Johnson City TN

Initially, home automation cleverly merges your family’s lifestyle. Using latest technology and energy management tools to make your life easier. Home automation is always customized to meet any need you might have as a homeowner. At all times, Leinbach Services has the home automation products in Johnson City, TN giving you total control of your home from anywhere.

Next, the Features of Home Automation in Johnson City TN

Leinbach Services offers Johnson City TN homeowners with a wide variety of home automation security devices. Plus, any of these products make great gifts for anyone living with children, elderly, or disabled people. Best of all, these devices aren’t any harder to install than traditional devices. Join the home automation revolution, finally.

  • Starting with WI-Fi-enabled cameras that keep an eye on the inside or outside of your home
  • To motion sensors
  • Then, smoke and CO2 detectors
  • And smart locks
  • Don’t forget, smart light bulbs, which lets you turn lights on and off
  • Of course, the smart thermostat reduces energy usage and money spent on power bills
  • User-controlled sprinklers
  • Turn the water heater on or off
  • Be forewarned, window glass breakage comes with a warning
  • Door and window sensors inform you when they’ve been left opened

You're important to us

Experience the professional and excellent customer service with Leinbach Services, Inc.

  • Award winning customer service
  • No hidden fees because our technicians provide a written estimate of the cost before project begins.
  • We take the wait out of service by calling an hour before arriving.
  • You'll never have to clean up after our technicians.

100% satisfaction money back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your new heating and air conditioning system, we'll either repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove it and refund the purchase price. Within one year of purchase date. All of this is subject to the conditions and limitations listed on our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee page.

Affordable payment options

Start the credit approval process today with only a 15 minute phone call to our dispatcher. Get pre-approved for the most affordable payment options for your budget through our incredibly easy financing. We also accept all major credit cards.

100 Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee Leinbach Services


100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We take the “Wait” out of service

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