Check to See if You Need a Heat Pump Tune-up

How a heat pump tune up keeps your home comfortable and functional:

Easiest fix for energy efficiency is as simple as a heat pump tune up. Up to 50% of your home’s energy bill is from your heating and cooling system. If it’s not running correctly, you’re losing money to the power company and needlessly draining energy resources.

  • Energy savings: Properly maintained heat pump reduces your electric bill.
  • Increased system life: The number one reason for system failure is surprisingly simply dirt clogging important parts. A heat pump tune up causes your unit to last longer, so you won’t have to replace an entire unit prematurely.
  • Correct health risks: Freshly replaced air filters catch dust, dander, bacteria, and particles.
  • Peace of mind: Our highly trained and through technicians keep the temperature in your home comfortable for you and your family throughout the year.

Cold weather heat pump tune up includes the inspection and cleaning of the following:

  1. thermostat
  2. filter and blower wheel
  3. blower motor amp draw
  4. main burners
  5. heat exchanger
  6. flame sensor
  7. temperature rise
  8. air duct system
  9. drain lines
  10. condensate pump
  11. expansion valve for icing
  12. amperage draw
  13. heating efficiency
  14. coils for leaks
  15. electric heat strips
  16. blower motor capacitors
  17. Dust inside and reassemble cabinet (replacing any missing cabinet screws)
  18. Replace standard filter
  19. Dust return air grid/cover

Warm weather tune up includes checking and cleaning the following:

  1. thermostat
  2. evaporator coil
  3. Install chlorine tablet
  4. return air grid/ cover, check seal
  5. electrical connections
  6. blower motor amp draw and capacitor
  7. air handler cabinet
  8. condensate drain, pan and condensate pump (if applicable)
  9. filters
  10. condenser coil
  11. contactor for arcing and voltage drop
  12. compressor amp draw and fan motor amp draw
  13. control circuits
  14. refrigerant pressures and temperature
  15. ductwork
  16. sequence of operation (gas)
  17. flame strength and color (gas)
  18. airflow obstructions in vent pipes

What happens when you don’t get a heat pump tune up???


Mostly, heat pumps will give warning signs of an impending emergency breakdown, but we either don’t notice or we dismiss it, instead of calling someone out to take a look. For example, let’s say your unit has been running fine for years and has never needed any work. But, sometimes it’s really loud or you have to turn the unit off and on for it to work. Here’s what else could happen if you don’t get a heat pump tune up:


  • Unplanned breakdowns from improper maintenance, just like your car.
  • Condenser coils get clogged with dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris. When that happens, the condenser coil loses its ability to pull air from the unit. Then, the compressor has to work hard causing a higher electric bill.
  • Dirty filters can cause the evaporator coil to starve for air. Each evaporator coil is designed for a specific volume of air to ensure adequate operation.
  • Lack of professional maintenance on your cooling system can mean failure of the unit’s compressor, condenser fan, and other system components. A malfunction of a single component will overwork your unit. To illustrate this point, 80% of all compressor failures could have been avoided if a proper maintenance had been performed.
  • Prematurely replacing the entire unit or system.
  • Increasing your utility bills by 35%.
  • If you have to add refrigerant to your heat pump system that means you have a leak, which damages the environment and costs you money.

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