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Leinbach Services, Inc. provides real assurance that your new central air conditioning unit is properly installed correctly the first time. We focus on increasing the efficiency of the entire system as a whole, as well as increasing your family’s comfort at home. 

A poorly functioning air conditioning unit feels like damp humid indoor air, poor airflow, shortened lifespan of the unit, and high power bills.

Local homeowners in the Tri-Cities can call Leinbach Services to have someone come out to your home to give you options specific for your family’s needs to improve the air quality, airflow, overall level of comfort, and reduce your power bills.

free in-home design consultation

free in-home design consultation

What happens during an heat pump design consultation?

Leinbach Services provides real assurance that your new central air unit gets installed correctly for increasing amounts of efficiency and comfort.

A unit that's been incorrectly installed results in damp humid indoor air, poor airflow, shortened lifespan of the unit, and higher power bills. When we come to your home for your free heat pump design consultation, we're going to inspect your current system and talk about how we can increase the performance of your home. Here's exactly what we're looking at:

  • Properly designed and sized unit: We'll determine the correct size of the unit for your space in order to optimize the unit's performance. Ultimately, the best path to comfort and savings is finding an air conditioning unit that actually fits your home. One that isn’t powerful enough won’t effectively cool your home and will inflate your power bill. One that is too powerful will work too quickly, shutting off before most of the humidity has been removed, leaving you cool but clammy.


  • Evaluate and improve ductwork: Leaky ducts waste energy and money as it reduces the amount of conditioned air flow. We'll inspect your ductwork by testing for leakage, then based on that information, we'll talk about making necessary repairs to meet or exceed performance standards.


  • Optimize airflow: Certain seasons encourage high levels of humidity, so by supplying a constant supply of ventilation, you'll free the air from excessive amounts of moisture in the air. Lack of humidity control in our local humid climate can lead to mold growth causing moisture-related health problems.


SEER Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Substantial energy savings can be obtained from installing an energy efficient heat pump. Before you purchase a new heat pump, ask about the SEER rating. It’s called Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).  The higher SEER rating an air conditioner has, the more energy-efficient it is. The more cooling/heating a system puts out for each unit of energy it consumes, the higher rating it will receive.

For example, if you upgrade from SEER 9 to SEER 13 (the lowest allowable SEER for a split-system air source heat pump is currently 13 in the United States), then your energy consumption is reduced by 30%. This can result in an energy savings valued at up to $300 per year, plus the added bonus of reducing your footprint on the Earth!

Systems granted the coveted Energy Star level, the SEER rating has to exceed 14.5. However, for ideal efficiency at an affordable heat pump price, look for ratings between 16-18.


HSFP (Heating Seasonal Factor Performance)

HSFP calculates the ratio of energy pumped indoors for heating to energy used for heating. The minimum HSPF rating for a split-system air-source heat pump is 7.7 in the United States. Energy Star models are at least 8.2.  In Kingsport, we use heating more than cooling, so the HSFP rating is more important than the SEER. Look for a heat pump with an HSFP rating between 8 and 10 for the best local heating cost factor.


Sizing the heat pump unit appropriately


The size of a heat pump unit is called a ton or tonnage. Tonnage is the unit of measure used to describe the conditioning capacity. One ton of cooling is based on the amount of heat needed to melt one ton (2000 lbs.) of ice in a 24 hour period. Size is very important to optimal operation, but don’t worry about trying to figure it out yourself. Our technicians will size your heat pump appropriate for your home. As a matter of fact, our technicians always perform a check called heat-loss-heat-gain in every home before installing or replacing a heating and air conditioning system.

Experience fresh air

Compressor with variable speed operation

Replace your outdated heating and air conditioning unit for one with variable speed.

Variable speed gives breakthrough energy savings. By varying the speed of the compressor, your heating and cooling system is better able to efficiently heat or cool your home. As a result, your system operates more efficiently at light loads, while still being capable of delivering full capacity under extreme temperatures. The one you probably own now kicks on full steam ahead to cool your home, then stops completely. Thus, the air remains stagnant in-between the times the heat pump turns on.

With a variable speed compressor, the unit continuously runs gently while maintaining fresh air and comfortable temperature.



Professional HVAC services by Leinbach Services:

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  • Award winning customer service
  • No hidden fees because our technicians provide a written estimate of the cost before project begins.
  • We take the wait out of service by calling an hour before arriving.
  • You'll never have to clean up after our technicians.

100% satisfaction money back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your new heating and air conditioning system, we'll either repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove it and refund the purchase price. Within one year of purchase date. All of this is subject to the conditions and limitations listed on our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee page.

Affordable payment options

Start the credit approval process today with only a 15 minute phone call to our dispatcher. Get pre-approved for the most affordable payment options for your budget through our incredibly easy financing. We also accept all major credit cards.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We take the “Wait” out of service

Make home ownership and property management easier with Leinbach Services, Inc. We cover all home and building maintenance needs regarding heating and air conditioning services in Johnson City. Call our office and ask about our preventative maintenance program Comfort Club for peace of mind. Then, find out how you can make cash through our customer rewards program, called Referral Club. Thanks for using Leinbach Services for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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