Quality Gas Fireplace Insert Installations

A fireplace brings warmth, ambiance, and a relaxing sense of comfort to the home.

Gas fireplace insert installationIf you’re considering installing a gas fireplace, it’s important to investigate all of your options. The type of fireplace that you choose will depend upon a few factors, including its purpose and the location, as well as your budget.

 In terms of convenience, gas fueled fireplaces is the preferred option for most homeowners to be able to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace. Gas fire installation is fairly simple, plus there’s no hauling wood or cleaning ash! You have lots of appealing options with gas fireplaces.


Each venting situation is unique, depending upon the location of the unit and the architecture of the home. An important note, not all logs are safe for all fireplaces. You need a quality professional technician for gas fireplace insert installation to ensure your family’s and home’s safety.

Streamline the gas fireplace installation process

  • Schedule your plumber technician to install gas as well as gas fireplace insert installation,
  • have a source of either natural gas or propane readily available,
  • get the chimney and fireplace inspected for safety,
  • learn EPA regulations and local codes, and
  • have your technician install a quality carbon monoxide detector.

Gas fireplace cost:

In terms of gas fireplace installation cost, ventless models cost the least to install and burn fuel more efficiently, but they are pricier than other models. Those that are vented often cost more to install, but overall cheaper to purchase.

If you’re actually needing to use the heat from your gas fireplace, then the first two offer good options. Fireplaces that are not vented burn at an efficiency rate of 99.9%, while those that are vented are only 75% to 85%. B vented fireplaces are utilized as a cosmetic device—to help enhance a room’s ambiance. These vented units have a very low rate of efficiency, around 30%, with most of the heat being vented to the outside. All things to consider when calculating the cost to install gas fireplace.

Gas burning fireplace characteristics:

  • Range of choices for easy installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to fire up and to shut off
  • Many energy efficient models
  • Clean running
  • Create the look of wood-burning units
  • Overall ecologically friendly
  • Low fuel costs

Huge health risk warning!

Huge health risk warning! Install a carbon monoxide detector to warn you of the invisible and silent killer.

If you have gas fueled equipment, then your home needs of a CO detector due to a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.


We recommend installing one today.

Call our technicians to go over your options today.

****Gas fireplace warning***

If you see soot accumulating on your gas fireplace logs and accessories, then carbon monoxide is also being produced. Turn off the fireplace and call us to repair your gas fireplace logs. Call 911 if you’re feeling sick as this is a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning. A quality professional needs to install, repair, and tune-up all gas fireplaces.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoningSchedule a Leinbach Services technician

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