Leinbach Services, Inc. is the leading professional provider of electrical services for the past 24 years in the Tri-Cities. Our electrical technicians can correctly install, maintain, and repair your breaker panel box to help you maintain electricity. We can also diagnose your whole house and recommend solutions for maximum energy efficiency. We offer solutions to your unique problems to keep your home in perfect working condition for your family.


Find out if you need to update your breaker panel box or just have an electrician technician perform electrical breaker panel box maintenance.

Updating your breaker panel box


Updating your electrical panel ensures it’s equipped to meet energy standards while also protecting your family and home. Each year, 53,000 homes are destroyed by electrical fires according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Your house can last more than a hundred years, and through the years, rooms get added and technology changes. As we add more appliances in our homes, the electrical panel begins to be overloading the system.


Answer the following questions to see if your panel needs to be upgraded:

  1. Is your panel full?
  2. Are you adding a big appliance like a new refrigerator, or replacing a heat pump?
  3. Does your breaker constantly trip?
  4. Does your fuses blow constantly?
  5. Does your lights flicker when you air conditioner or other large appliances kick on?
  6. Do your light bulbs burn out quickly?
  7. Are you adding an addition to your home?
  8. Do you need more outlets?
  9. Do you use several extension cords?
  10. Are you adding a sauna or hot tub?
  11. Do you need a GFCI installed in your kitchen or bathrooms?
  12. Is your homeowners insurance making you upgrade your electrical system?
  13. Do you need a 24ov circuit?
  14. Do you need a whole house surge protector?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions:

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it may be a warning sign that it is time to upgrade or replace your electrical panel. Upgrading your electrical panel helps to ensure the electrical system is equipped to meet your energy needs and protect your family and property.

Electrical breaker panel box maintenance


Your breaker panel box should be inspected for loose wiring at least every two years. The electrical vibration on the terminals will loosen the wires making it a fire hazard. This is more prevalent with older systems. Getting an electrical inspection to check the operation of your electrical system can help prevent electrical emergencies before they occur.


Maintenance service includes:

  • Check all indoor receptacles
  • Check range breaker size
  • Test service ability of meter base
  • Check all outdoor receptacles
  • Check wiring
  • Test service ability of riser
  • Verify grounding
  • Check serviceability of panel
  • Verify adequate service load
  • Test polarity in all receptacles
  • Check service ability of water heater
  • Numerous other checks
  • Receptacle inspection including arc fault protections and ground fault circuit interrupters

Trust Leinbach Services electrician technicians to inspect your home’s wiring systems

Our technicians will perform a 21 point electrical system safety check to provide you with insight on how to keep your home and family safe from electrical fires. Call our office today to schedule an electrician technician. 

Leinbach Services’ electrical work:

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100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

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