Leinbach Services, Inc, is pleased to announce new referral club program.

At Leinbach Services, we take your referrals seriously. There’s no better advertising for us as a local business than you telling your friends and family about your experience with us. Because when you refer us to others, it keeps our advertising costs lower.

Earn cash with your recommendations:

When your friend buys a new heating and cooling system from us, we’ll mail you a check for $100.

If they use us for any of the many services we offer, you’ll receive $75.



To explain further, let’s say you tell your friend who’s looking for a plumber about how great we are. Your friend decides to hire us. Yay! In that initial phone call for service, our dispatcher asks who referred them. They’ll kindly say your name. Then, we’ll promptly slip you a check in the mail. Easiest money you’ve ever made!

Make cash through recommendations

with our referral program

When your friend buys a new heating and cooling system from us, we’ll mail you a check for $100. If they use us for any of the many services we offer, you’ll receive $75.

Next steps for the Referral Club:

When your friends and followers ask for a recommendation, use our name. Then, when they call in the office, we’ll ask who referred them to us. They’ll tell us your name, we’ll look you up in our customer list for your address, then mail you a check based on whether they use us for service or a new heating and cooling system.

As a way to say, “Thanks so much! We think you’re awesome, too!” We’ll mail you a check. A real check. Take it to a real bank to exchange for cash. We’re literally passing our advertising savings onto you, our valued customer. Think of yourself as a brand ambassador, if you wish. There’s no cap on the amount of money you can receive from us. As long as your referral turns into a new customer for us, you’ll continue to received checks from us.

You're important to us

Experience the professional and excellent customer service with Leinbach Services, Inc.

  • Award winning customer service
  • No hidden fees because our technicians provide a written estimate of the cost before project begins.
  • We take the wait out of service by calling an hour before arriving.
  • You'll never have to clean up after our technicians.

100% satisfaction money back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your new heating and air conditioning system, we'll either repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove it and refund the purchase price. Within one year of purchase date. All of this is subject to the conditions and limitations listed on our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee page.

Affordable payment options

Start the credit approval process today with only a 15 minute phone call to our dispatcher. Get pre-approved for the most affordable payment options for your budget through our incredibly easy financing. We also accept all major credit cards.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We take the “Wait” out of service

In conclusion, Leinbach Services covers all your homeowner and building maintenance needs regarding gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning, electrical, gas fireplaces, handyman, and plumbing. Projects both large and small, our highly skilled technicians are available to correctly install, maintain, and repair your lines, wires, and ducts. Ask your technician about our preventative maintenance program Comfort Club for peace of mind. And, our customer rewards program called Referral Club for cash.

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