Comfort Club Membership

Worried about losing air conditioning unexpectedly?

Members of our Comfort Club experience hassle-free HVAC tune-ups, repairs, and installations.

Keep your home comfortable and your stress levels low with a Comfort Club Membership from Leinbach Services.

HVAC Comfort Club Membership

by | Jan 17, 2017

Comfort Club Membership

Join our Comfort Club Membership for the ultimate homeowner hassle-free heating and cooling program. We offer four different options based on your financial and homeowner needs. Regardless of which program you choose, we’ll tune-up your cooling unit in the spring to prepare for summer and your heating unit in the fall to prepare for winter. Plus, you’ll receive discounts and/or freebies on other services.

Choose Your Coverage

There are four different levels of repair warranties to choose from. Starting lowest in price to highest, there’s Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond. Below is additional information showing the program’s benefits for each level of the Comfort Club membership.

Warranties on repairs, including parts and labor, when you are a Comfort Club Member!


HVAC tune-ups HVAC repairs HVAC install Cost


two free 5% off $50 off $199


four free 8% off $75 off $380


six free 12% off $100 off $547

+ HVAC tune-up appointments scheduled at your convience with email reminders.

+ Save a percentage off HVAC repairs.

+ Install up to two pounds of Puron 410A.

+ If you have more than one HVAC unit, add an extra unit for $129 per year.

+ Discount when you install a new HVAC unit.

+ Warranty details: coverage of the repairs corresponds with the chosen CCM category. To maintain future coverage, the membership must be renewed at or before the expiration of the initial agreement. Any lapse in coverage will nullify the agreement.

+ No overtime charges for HVAC service if you need a technician after hours.

+ Use membership as a selling point if you need to sell you home while under warranty. Membership transfers to the buyer.

+ Priority status: Anytime you call, your name goes to the top of the technician’s work order.

+ Discount for extra tune-up services, such as water heaters, tankless water heaters, and gas fireplaces. See hox below for details.


Years Discount

Gas fireplace

Regularly $139

Tankless water heater

Regularly $149

Water heater tank

Regularly $99

1 5% off $132 $141 $94
2 8% off $127 $137 $91
3 12% off $122 $131 $87


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