Gas Fireplace Accessories

Keep your family safe and your home stylish with gas fireplace accessories.

Ambiance and visual appeal is important.

Your technician will add the following gas fire accessories in your fireplace to get more levels and look natural.

It’ll be exactly what you want.

They’ll look great in your fireplace!

For the sake of ambiance and visual appeal, you’ll want to install quality logs that create dancing flames, flowing effect, and radiant heat. You also want to make sure it’s available with factory installed on/off manual valve, safety pilot kit, or an automatic pilot kit control.

Here’s a list of gas fireplace accessories you can choose from:

Gas log embers

Embers look like fuzzy little clumps. They’re included with your gas logs as gas fireplace accessories. Embers react to the flame, thus creating the glowing effect under the logs of a wood burning fire. They add realism to any gas log fireplace. Just place of few of the embers throughout the fireplace to create an even more vibrant glow. To ensure proper placement of the embers, only let a Gas Fireplace Solutions designer technician to install the gas fireplace accessories.

Gas log lava rock

No fireplace would be complete without the rough texture of a coal bed as the wood burns. You can have this look in your gas log fireplace by adding lava rocks to the floor of the fireplace. Not just for decoration, lava rocks hold and radiate heat longer, which saves energy. Lava rocks are available in a variety of sizes and colors to add a unique style to your fireplace.

Fire glass

Fire Glass is a direct replacement for gas logs in terms of decoration and heat efficiency. Fireplace glass is affordable, safe, and lasts a lifetime. It never loses its mesmerizing jewel-like color, luster, or clarity. Grab a bag and sprinkle them in the lava rock around the burner pan and watch the flames dance.

Gas log pine cones

Pine cones add an extra element of beauty with a large assortment of ceramic pieces. These not only add character to your fireplace, but they can serve a practical purpose, as well. You can disguise the remote receiver and or the safety pilot that extends to the side of the burner pan with gas log pine cones.

Ventless or vent-free gas logs

If you have Ventless or Vent Free Gas Logs, check your owner’s manual prior to adding logs and accessories so you won’t accidently create dangerous soot build-up, impact the function of the gas log burner or compromising its safety. Ventless gas log sets are designed and rated specifically for the elements that are included within the set. The addition of extra components could impede the function of the burner and create unsafe fumes within your home.

Gas log acorns

Acorns add whimsical character Scatter them across the floor of the gas fireplace. These are made from a refractory cement and come in a variety of sizes.

Gas log branches

Gas log branches add a realistic flair to any vented gas log set. These are made from a superior refractory ceramic and are crafted in a variety of shapes and styles.

Sand or vermiculite

Vented gas log sets generally come complete with either sand or vermiculite. The sand or vermiculite is used to spread the flame to create a more realistic burn.

Gas fireplace accessories


You can enhance the look of your new or existing gas logs by adding fire glass, glowing embers, and much more. These gas fireplace accessories are the most popular options customers select when purchasing gas logs. Find the gas log accessories you need to turn your fireplace into a realistic looking centerpiece with or without the flame.


To ensure proper placement, only let a gas fireplace technician install the gas fireplace accessories.

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