variable speed heat pump

Top of the line variable speed heat pump with top-rated performance 

 Our customer, Mr. Hoover, said he loved his experience with our heat pump technicians after we installed his new energy efficient variable speed heat pump, the Bryant Evolution Extreme Variable-Speed.

variable speed heat pump

variable speed heat pump


When it’s time to replace your heat pump, consider the benefits a variable speed heat pump with top-rated performance. Variable speed gives you a breakthrough in energy savings and your family’s comfort. By varying the speed of the compressor, it’s better able to cool your home. It operates more efficiently at light loads, while still being capable of delivering full capacity under extreme temperatures. Typical heat pumps, like the one you probably own now, work by kicking on full capacity to cool, then stops completely. Thus, the air remains stagnant in-between the times the heat pump turns on. 

Plus, with a 20.5 SEER efficiency and a built-in dehumidifier, you can enjoy even the hottest of summer days.



With a variable speed compressor, the heat pump continues to run gently maintaining fresh air and a comfortable temperature.

  • Compressor: Variable-speed scroll with as wide as 40-100% capacity which range in 1% increments
  • Control: Inverter driven compressor managed by Evolution Connex control
  • Refrigerant: Puron refrigerant
  • Compatibility: Designed for best efficiencies when part of Evolution system with variable-speed blower on indoor furnace or fan coil
  • Protections: High pressure switch, suction pressure transducer, multiple temperature sensors as well as filter drier
  • Diagnostics: Plus, enhanced diagnostics with Evolution control
  • Notifications: Maintenance reminders and service notices through the advanced system diagnostics of the Evolution Connex control

Imagine you’re driving your car:

To maintain the speed limit, you probably gently press the gas and break. It wouldn’t be considered energy efficient to press the gas hard to get to the speed limit, then drop down to nothing. Rather, you’re more like to steadily stay at the speed limit. In the same way, variable speed compressors provide smooth, consistent comfort by gently keeping a steady temperature instead of going from 0 to 100. Minimize temperature fluctuation in your home with the energy efficient heat pump Bryant Evolution System.


Energy efficient heat pump technology for peace of mind

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