For our 20th anniversary, we wanted to do something over the top to thank our community for keeping us in business for two decades. We decided to give away the one thing that turns a cold house into a cozy home: a new heat pump. Entrants sent in their name, email, phone number and age of their unit.

Winner heat pump giveaway 2014

People that visited our booth at all the area Home Shows were given entry slips to fill out. We put the link to our website sign up on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  We received over a thousand entries by November 19, 2014.

Local New channel WCYB ran an article about the winner heat pump giveaway 2014 : Deserving Winner of New Heat Pump 

We even had a movie made to give the winner heat pump giveaway 2014 the opportunity to share her moving story about how much that new heat pump meant to her and her family after experiencing the devastating loss of their husband/father. Watch the movie here.

Winner heat pump giveaway 2014

We’ve all seen those contests where you could win something.  You might not need the item that they’re giving away but you enter anyway. What if you really need that item they’re giving away?

That was the case for a Johnson City family who really needed a heat pump since theirs had given up.

So happens a Kingsport heating and air conditioning company was giving one away to celebrate their 20th anniversary and like a miracle, they won.

The sign out front of Dorothy Pruitt’s home says it all, winner.  She was the winner of a new heat pump from Leinback Services in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

The old one had seen better days and she, one of daughters and her kids were heating with a kerosene heater basically living in one room.

Dorothy has struggled over the last few years following the death of her husband.

“From where Dad passed away I think it hit us all hard and you know I think everybody like including Mom got it the worst,” Daughter Clarissa Parlier said.

“Her only source of income was my Dad’s disability where he was sick and that paid the bills.  When my Dad passed away that all got taken away,” Older daughter April Henry added.

And the last thing she needed was for the heat pump to break.

“She went three years without a job even having a college degree.  She applied for multiple jobs and she got turned down everywhere,” April says.

So when Rita saw a chance to win a new heat pump for her Mom, she entered.

“One morning I just got up and walked in and I’m going to look on Facebook and the first thing that I seen pop us was Lienbach Heat and Air Service,” April  said.

“We did home shows at the Kingsport home show and the Johnson City home show and they could enter that way or they could got on our web site and send in an email with their information.  We had well over a thousand entries,” Mary Massarueh with the company told us.

The odds weren’t in the family’s favor but last Thursday Leinbach Services surprised Dorothy with just what she needed a brand new heat pump.

“She was crying last Thursday when we met with her.  She said I didn’t expect God to perform a miracle and he performed one today,” Massarueh said.

“Like everybody has said God definitely answers prayers whenever we need them,” Daughter Clarissa adds.

After all it is the season for those kinds of things.

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Meet the 2020 Heat Pump Winners!


We are so happy to announce the winner of our 2020 heat pump giveaway: Cynthia Robbins of Bloomingdale! She cried tears of joy in the freezing cold! We are so happy for her and her twin daughters. They’ll be so much more comfortable at home once we install their new free heat pump!! ♥️🥰

Cynthia Robins of Bloomingdale will stay cozy at home with her twin 11 year old daughters and she’s so appreciative.
She cried tears of joy in the freezing cold as Jim Leinbach pulled up to her driveway to let her know she won. 
She explained that her current heat pump was still working, just not very well anymore.
“It’s a matter of time before it breaks down," said Robbins. "Being a single mom, I’m limited in what I have as far as income and resources. I have what I have and that’s all I have. A new heat pump would mean that me and my girls are warm all winter and cool in the summer. It would mean that when we come home, it’s nice and cozy.”





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