Why clean dryer exhaust vents ducts?

Why should you clean your dryer’s exhaust vents and ducts? Because lint builds-up over time. We get used to our dryers, overtime, dry less and less effectively. It’s easy to excuse it as an excuse it as an aging appliance. But, it could be a simple and quick fix. Cleaning your dryer exhaust vents ducts will increase performance of your dryer. If left alone, lint dangerously grows in the vents and ducts. This is like prepping your home for a disaster.

To illustrate this point, the owner of Leinbach Services, Teri Leinbach, saves the lint from her dryer to purposefully start fires in her fireplaces or in the backyard fire pit. Lint makes the perfect environment for fires to ignite and grow. Let’s learn more about cleaning dryer exhaust vents ducts.

How to prevent fires from dryer exhaust vents and ducts:

  • Clean the lint screen before or after drying each load of clothes.
  • Inspect and clean the dryer exhaust vent and duct periodically.
  • Keep the area around the dryer clean and free of clutter.
  • Replace outdated duct material with rigid or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct. Most manufacturers specify the use of a rigid or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct, which provides maximum airflow. The flexible plastic or foil type duct is significantly more dangerous.

Electrical appliances

Clothes dryers are often improperly vented. Even more common, are vents and ducts that are full of lint. If those vents and ducts aren’t properly cleaned on a regular basis, lint will build up easily. This increases a fire starting in your home while you’re trying to dry your clothes.

Warning signs it's time to clean dryer exhaust vents ducts

  • it takes longer and longer to dry your clothes
  • after a full cycle, your clothes still aren’t fully dry
  • clothes are hotter than normal at the end of the drying cycle
  • the outside of dryer gets very hot to the touch
  • the outside exhaust vent flapper doesn’t open very much
  • laundry room becomes more humid than normal

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