Is your air conditioning preventing your family from enjoying the summer at home?


Then it’s time to hire an HVAC contractor! Choose from any of the following with a Leinbach Services AC technician:

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Leinbach Services gives new install customers a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. This means that if for any reason you are not satisfied with your air conditioning system, we’ll repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove the product and refund the purchase price. All of this is subject to the Conditions and Limitations list on our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee page.

At every job, our Leinbach Services technicians strive to prove why we’re the first choice for homeowners in the Tri-Cities. 

air conditioning satisfaction

air conditioning satisfaction

Offering customer solutions to their problems is how we do this.

A programmable thermostat gives you the control

Cool people, not empty rooms.

air conditioning satisfaction

air conditioning satisfaction

Call the air conditioning technicians you can trust. Leinbach Services at 423.239.3147

Do you know what a SEER rating is?

The higher SEER rating an air conditioner has, the more energy-efficient it is. So, if you upgrade from a SEER 9 heat pump to a 13 SEER, then your energy consumption is reduced by 30%. This can result in an energy savings valued at up to $300 per year, plus the added bonus of reducing your footprint on the Earth! However, for ideal efficiency at an affordable price, look for ratings between 16-18.

No Money Down!!

air conditioning satisfaction

air conditioning satisfaction

We offer several affordable payment options for those who qualify after a quick credit approval process. Call our office to get started today.

Professional HVAC services by Leinbach Services:

Make home ownership and property management easier with Leinbach Services, Inc. We cover all home and building maintenance needs regarding heating and air conditioning services in Johnson City. Call our office and ask about our preventative maintenance program Comfort Club for peace of mind. Then, find out how you can make cash through our customer rewards program, called Referral Club. Thanks for using Leinbach Services for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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