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Imagine your family walking through the door to experience a total heat wave in the house. You should be eating dinner, working on homework, getting ready for the next day, but instead you’re dealing with an emergency situation with your heat pump, wondering how soon until it’s fixed, and how much it’ll cost. You’re no longer in control of your day because your heat pump has you rescheduling your day. However, when you’re a member of Leinbach Service’s Comfort Club Membership, you can rest assured, we’ll be there to help you immediately.

Breakdown Warning Signs

Most of the time, heat pumps give warning signs of an impending emergency breakdown, but we either don’t notice or we dismiss it, instead of calling someone out to take a look. For example, let’s say your unit has been running fine for years and has never needed any work. But, sometimes it’s really loud or you have to turn the unit off and on for it to work. These are just a couple warning signs of an impending comfortable temperature disaster.

Tune-ups for your heating and cooling units restores the equipment back to factory settings, which helps prevent break downs when temperatures are most extreme.

Comfort Club Membership

Join our Comfort Club Membership for the ultimate homeowner hassle-free heating and cooling program. We offer four different options based on your financial and homeowner needs. Regardless of which program you choose, we’ll tune-up your cooling unit in the spring to prepare for summer and your heating unit in the fall to prepare for winter. Plus, you’ll receive discounts and/or freebies on other services.

Choose Your Coverage

There are four different levels of repair warranties to choose from. Starting lowest in price to highest, there’s Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond. Below is additional information showing the program’s benefits for each level of the Comfort Club membership.

In conclusion, Leinbach Services covers all your homeowner and building maintenance needs regarding plumbing, electrical, gas furnace, heat pump, and air conditioning. with our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Workmanship guarantee. Whether the project is large or small, our highly skilled technicians are available to correctly install, maintain, and repair your pipes, wires, and ducts. Whether you spell our name linebach or linebaugh, we’ll be there by your side as a homeowner. Specifically, Comfort Club Membership.

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