Meet the 2020 Heat Pump Winners!


We are so happy to announce the winner of our 2020 heat pump giveaway: Cynthia Robbins of Bloomingdale! She cried tears of joy in the freezing cold! We are so happy for her and her twin daughters. They’ll be so much more comfortable at home once we install their new free heat pump!! ♥️🥰

Cynthia Robins of Bloomingdale will stay cozy at home with her twin 11 year old daughters and she’s so appreciative.
She cried tears of joy in the freezing cold as Jim Leinbach pulled up to her driveway to let her know she won. 
She explained that her current heat pump was still working, just not very well anymore.
“It’s a matter of time before it breaks down," said Robbins. "Being a single mom, I’m limited in what I have as far as income and resources. I have what I have and that’s all I have. A new heat pump would mean that me and my girls are warm all winter and cool in the summer. It would mean that when we come home, it’s nice and cozy.”





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