Rosemary Cox, Blountville, TN, is the winner of the 4th annual heat pump giveaway by Leinbach Services


Leinbach Services uses our annual heat pump giveaway as a way to promote our family owned business. We ask for entries throughout the year then do the big giveaway right before Thanksgiving. All of the entries from throughout the year are then dumped in a basket. President, Jim Leinbach, has his grandchildren draw the finalists names until we reach a winner. In 2017, we drew Rosemary Cox’s name and she was able to meet all the requirements to win the big, expensive gift of a Bryant 14 SEER heat pump.

The next day, anticipation built within Rosemary’s home as she waited to see if Jim would pull up to her house with the heat pump.

“Winning would take so much stress off of me,” said Rosemary.

“You do not know how I sit here and worry about that unit going out. I think about it all the time. It makes a clicking noise that it didn’t used to make. It’s rattling from something being loose inside of it. My son has looked at it a couple of times, but he doesn’t know what to do about it other than pray. We’ve been praying.”

Rosemary’s inside air handler showed rust from a leak that’s been causing problems for years. There’s even rust stains across the basement floor from where it leaked right out the garage door. “Once my brother-in-law put the pump on it and ran the tubing out the garage door, it stopped leaking onto the floor. It’s in pretty bad shape.” The issues were beyond the typical heat pump repair and she just needed a complete replacement. 

As Jim Leinbach’s truck pulled into Rosemary’s driveway, excitement filled the room as she squealed, asking if that meant she was the winner. The back of his truck was loaded down from the weight of the heat pump. He came to the door to notify her of winning. Everyone cheered and could feel and hear her relief from winning.

2017 heat pump giveaway

Leinbach said the reason he gives away a heat pump every year is to celebrate the anniversary of his company being in business. He’s thankful all year long for his local community, but particularly likes to celebrate homeowners in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol at Thanksgiving. “What better time of the year than during the holidays to give something big away,” said Leinbach. “We’re expressing our gratitude to our current and future customers for keeping us in business.”

Announcing the winner of our 2019 heat pump giveaway: Brad and Robin of Kingsport. They couldn’t believe they actually won. Help us congratulate them! We’re so excited for the new heat pump to keep their home comfortable all year.

Meet the 2018 Heat Pump Winners!





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